What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is a computer aided brain training therapy developed in the 1960’s to aid people with epilepsy. Since then, with the advent of super computers and EEG technology, Neurofeedback has become a lot more advanced and can now help a wide range of neurological, emotional, behavioural and emotional conditions.

Our thoughts, actions, sensations and emotions generate electrical impulses called brainwaves and these can be detected through very sensitive electrodes and translated onto the screen for us to visualise. A program is run that will allow us to stimulate the under performing areas or suppress overactive areas of our brain. We are rewarded with audio and visual cues and over time, similar to exercising on a treadmill, the brain develops ‘muscles’ in the form of more neuronal connections and encouraging neuroplasticity, or the ability of the brain to adapt and change.


At the Philippine Neurofeedback Center we use the Atlantis II, a brain diagnostic and training machine made by the company Brainmaster USA (http://www.brainmaster.com). The Atlantis II uses EEG technology to create a Brain Map for easy diagnosis. This brain map is the diagnostic tool that helps our doctors create the best brain training program to help develop your brain optimally.

Our doctors and neurofeedback technicians are trained and certified by Dr. Joseph Guan, from the Brain Enhancement Center in Singapore (http://www.bec-eeg.com).


  • Can directly choose to focus on specific parts  of the brain for improvement.
  • Cover all areas of the brain.
  • Quick application as it requires minimal active mental effort.


2 thoughts on “What is Neurofeedback?

  1. I’m interested to know more. I’m currently reading about Anat Baniel Method and Brain Balance Program. My 5 year old son Rocco has ASD. Diagnosed at 3 years old with intensive therapies (ABA, speech therapy, OT), on gfcfsf diet, biomedical treatment. He has improved a lot. But looking for what’s next for him so that he can have a better life.

    • Hi Cristina
      We have used Neurofeedback concurrently with the above mentioned therapies with great results. It’s similar to a brain gym that helps create more neuron connections through a feedback of the correct brain patterns. This results in faster retention of skills and faster learning all around. To get a better idea, you may call Dr. Cheryl Ramirez at 0916 735 5014. She has worked with kids with ASD for the past 3 years and can give a good assessment . Your son can also come in for a brain mapping session to see what areas are over or under stimulates and receive a recommended program. Looking forward to seeing you. Best, Denise and staff of PNC Mindworks

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