Neurofeedback provides high performers with the tools to train and develop their neurons in the same way that one builds muscles and stamina through exercising. Each program is personalised and strengthens specific neural connections to guide the brain towards specific brain wave patterns that will assist them in reaching peak performance goals.

Peak Performance – 40 sessions (for students, Executives or any individual that wants to improve their focus, concentration, creativity and manage their stress levels.

Headstart Peak Performance for Kids – 40 sessions

Learning a New Language – 30 sessions

Learning a Musical Instrument – 30 sessions


These are courses that pertain to clients with life management and stability issues such as insomnia, hypertension, addiction, sleep apnea, and dyslexia. While these clients can be independent to live on their own, these issues disrupt their  ability to live optimally and easily. With our Neurofeedback programs, we are able provide relief from most of the symptoms. These are the minimum number of sessions required, oftentimes, the brain maps show additional areas that need to be addressed and improved which may require additional sessions.

Issues for Life Stability and Management
10 Sessions Headache, Insomnia, Pain/Post-Op Recovery, Vertigo, Tinnitus
15 Sessions Hypertesion, Depression, Stuttering,Bed Wetting, Irritable Bowel Movement Syndrome, Diabetes Mellitus
20 Sessions Sleep Apnea, Bell’s Palsy, Epilepsy/Seizure Disorder
25 Sessions Addiction, ADHD/ADD, Eating Disorder Issues, Obsessive Compulsive Behaviour, Post Traumatic Disorder
25-35 Sessions Dyslexia


These programs focus on major issues in which the client has mental conditions that make him dependent on his family and friends. The goal of these sessions is for the client acquire some or total independence in his life. Thus, easing the burden of his loved ones and creating confidence in the client himself. These sessions require great patience and our staff are experienced  to handle these clients.

It must be noted that improvements usually occur after 30-40 sessions. Trust in the Neurofeedback process is required in expecting outcomes for this course. Also, this course must be complemented by other programs for mental improvement such as occupational or physical therapy. Neurofeedback cannot replace these programs but enhance creatly their effectivity and increase speed of development. For the exceptional cases, Neurofeedback may be part of their regular therapy protocol.

 Major Issues for Life Stability  and Independence
30 Sessions Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder
30-50 Sessions Cerebral Palsy
35-45 Sessions Dementia/ Alzheimer’s Disease
40-50 Sessions Parkinson’s Disease, Stroke
50 Sessions Major Intellectual Disability/Developmental Delay, Tourette Syndrome, Narcolepsy
60 Sessions Autism

If you are already interested in applying to our Neurofeedback program,

you can visit the following pages:

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