Training Packages and Rates


Our Neurofeedback program begins with a standard brain map that will be analyzed by our team of doctors and psychometricians based at the Makati Office.

No. of Sessions Price Per Session PACKAGE PRICE
1 SESSION 1,500
10 SESSIONS 950 9,500
 20 SESSIONS  800 16,000
40 SESSIONS 650 26,000
90 SESSIONS 500 45,000


Visa and Mastercard are accepted via Globe Charge.

Post dated checks are accepted in 10 session tranches (i.e. 40 sessions = 4 post dated checks). These will be dated at one month intervals. The check will have to clear before starting the sessions.

You can find the general length of our programs for brain enhancement and stability below. This section will help you determine the general cost of the Neurofeedback course you wish to receive.


Each course is designed to target a specific part of your brain that pertains to a skill you wish to improve or an issue that needs to be stabilized. For example, learning a new instrument requires these following areas:

T3 T4 C3 C4 O1 O2


Click the image above to see a close-up version.

For further information on our method, please click on this page link: Neurofeedback  Method


These are courses to improve your life skills. As a supplement, it will help you improve your language skills from speaking eloquently to comprehension of a a new dialect.

The Peak Performance course includes the ability to mentally shift between varied tasks and have total integration between the mental, physical and emotional aspects of the mind.

Brain Balance 10  9,500
Anti-Aging 20  16,000
Learning a Language 20  16,000
Music Performance 20 16,000
Peak Performance (Executive) 40  26,000
Sports Performance 40  26,000
Academic Performance 40  26,000


    These are courses that pertain to clients with life management and stability issues such as insomnia, hypertension, addiction, sleep apnea, and dyslexia. While these clients can be independent to live on their own, these issues disrupt their  ability to live a fulfilling life. With our Neurofeedback program, we are able to take away these hindrances that can make one unable to fully manage one’s life. Furthermore, our goal for these individuals is to stop or reduce their dependence on medication. It is because we wish to reduce the stress of the financial costs or limited time effects of these drugs.

Issues for Life Stability and Management
10 sessions minimum Headache, Insomnia, Pain/Post-Op Recovery, Vertigo, Tinnitus
20 sessions minimum Hypertension, Depression, Stuttering,Bed Wetting, Irritable Bowel Movement Syndrome, Diabetes Mellitus
40 sessionsminimum Sleep Apnea, Bell’s Palsy, Epilepsy/Seizure Disorder
40 Sessionsminimum Addiction, ADHD/ADD, Eating Disorder Issues, Obsessive Compulsive Behaviour, Post Traumatic Disorder
4o Sessions minimum Dyslexia


    This course focuses on major issues in which the client has mental conditions that make him dependent on his family and friends. The goal of these sessions is for the client acquire some or total independence in his life. Thus, easing the burden of his loved ones and creating confidence in the client himself. These sessions require great patience and our staff are experienced  to handle these clients.

     For kin and friends of these clients, it must be noted that improvements usually occur after 30-40 sessions. Trust in the Neurofeedback process is required in expecting outcomes for this course. Also, this course must be complemented by other programs for mental improvement. Neurofeedback cannot replace these programs.

  Furthermore, our goal for these individuals is to stop or reduce their dependence on medication. It is because we wish to reduce the stress of the financial costs or limited time effects of these drugs.

 Major Issues for Life Stability  and Independence
60 sessions minimum Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder
60 sessions minimum Cerebral Palsy
60 sessions minimum Dementia/ Alzheimer’s Disease
60 sessions minimum Parkinson’s Disease, Stroke
60 sessions minimum Major Intellectual Disability/Developmental Delay, Tourette Syndrome, Narcolepsy
60 sessions minimum Autism

If you are already interested in applying to our Neurofeedback program,

you can visit the following pages:

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Our Neurofeedback Professional Doctors


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  1. Hi All,

    Im from Australia and im here in Manila trying to find a place were they sell Bio-Feedback/Neurofeedback devices. Do you know of any place were I can purchase a GSR/Bio-feedback or Neurofeedback device here in Manila or any other city in the Philippines?
    Can you reply to me to my email address 09495615354

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