Mental Exercises

  Neurofeedback is a form of mental exercise or therapy depending on the needs of our client. We strongly recommend that Neurofeedback participants apply the mental skills attained during their sessions through learning new hobbies.

Below is a list activities that Neurofeedback participants can join in:



Duolingo is  a free website and mobile/tablet app to learn new languages on daily basis through simple quizzes. You can visit their site by click the image above.



Lumosity is  a website and mobile/tablet app to challenge you with brain building games. You can visit their site by clicking the image above.


Youtube is filled with tutorial videos to help you start new hobbies from arts and crafts to music. You can even learn new sports skills by typing up the right keywords.

If you are ready to apply to our Neurofeedback program,

you can visit the following pages:

Inquire Here

Contact Us

Our Neurofeedback Professional Doctors


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