Client Feedback


A.M., 4/M, Autism Spectrum Disorder, non-verbal

In 10 sessions, a decrease in hyperactivity was starting to show though not consistently.

In 20 sessions, he was observed to mimic other sounds (i.e. “yehey”) and started to show some receptiveness when being told about his faults. He also started to express his needs by pointing to objects he desired or getting them on his own.

In 55 sessions, he was found to consistenly display a longer attention span and reduced hyperactivity (“Ngayon naglalaro na lang siya ng nakaupo lang or nakahiga at nakakapanood kami ng TV ng dang di na siya iniintindi gaano. Naiiwan din namin siya ng mag-isa habang kumakain kami at pagtinitingnan namin sya ay nakaupo lang nanonood or naglalaro. Mas naiintindihan na nya yung mga instructions even without demonstration, like turn on /off lights or electric fan, open/close the door. Mas nagagaya na rin nya mga words na naririnig niya sa commercial. “) He even tied the electric fan’s cord without being told! He also started saying new words like “ayaw” or “hindi” in their proper context. He was further noted to have a better grip of the pen thus his handwriting is not as light as before.

In 60 sessions, he doesn’t flinch anymore when his head is held (e.g. at the barber shop, during neurofeedback) .

In 65 sessions, he was reported to respond to name-calling even without the caller visible to him.

C.F. 10/M, Autism Spectrum Disorder, verbal

In 10 sessions, he started to respond to “Good morning!” without prompting and to show better language comprehension.

In 35 sessions, he was reported to have more purposeful speech, less delay in responding and clearer diction . He even started to use more complex words like “disgusting”. His alerting responses also improved, such that he tried to catch a falling jar (compared to being indifferent to such events before).

In 60 sessions, he was reported to initiate conversation, such as “How are you Dad?” or “Kiss me Daddy!” Moreover, he surprisingly displayed no anxiety/agitation anymore when separated from his yaya, even stating “Yaya stay in the house!”

In 70 sessions, more verbal output (“Mommy, no light!” when brownout, then when power came back, “Mommy, there’s light!”) and self-expression were more consistently observed (says “I need help” more frequently, “I want to go to the toilet!”, “I want water!”, “I’m hungry!” and “I’m sorry!”). He even teases his older brother.

In 80 sessions, he generally responds faster, more talkative, and shows more alertness and focus in his therapy sessions.

In 90 sessions, he was reported to exhibit patience and no behavioral problems/tantrums anymore. (“Most behaved in class”).

P.B., 4/M, Autism Spectrum Disorder

After 56 sessions, his parents reported “hyperactivity has been significantly reduced, focus & sitting span increased, eye contact, memory, reading & writing ability improved. He can follow simple commands & now obeys instantly (e.g. when he is called back). His tantrums and irritability are reduced. He is more emotional (for the first time he cried watching a movie!) & now displays a more humorous side.” Whereas before he would run away while walking in the street, now he likes to hold on to his parents’ hands. It was also noticed that he is more curious of his surroundings (looks out the window when riding a taxi). He now chooses what clothes to wear. And for the first time, he joined his classmates during snack time (before he preferred to eat alone during recess)!

M.R., 17/M, Asperger’s Syndrome

After 10 sessions, he has started to socialize with family & friends (says “hi” to friends, texts/chats, takes selfies). He is showing signs of being a responsible son and big brother, reminding his younger siblings to obey Mommy or to do the house chores. According to his father, “Being responsible, focused & independent or showing signs of maturity are becoming more evident [and consistent] in him. I can’t really tell if it is just part of his growing up, but it happened during the time he is at the center. So we intend to continue the sessions and be positive about it. ”

N.M., 5/M, Sensory-Integration with Attention Deficit Disorder

After just 1 session, he immediately started and completed his schoolwork on time! After 30 sessions, according to his mom, he was still able to finish his work promptly and sometimes even earlier than his classmates! His grades have significantly improved too. Before he would get grades of 2’s, but now they are all in the upper range of 3-4! Moreover, his mom notes, “His handwriting has improved but needs help/practice in controlling his letter formation within the lines. According to his OT, gross motor skills improved but he still needs therapy due to weak muscle tone.” However, she continues, “His excessive talking has lessened, he is more confident (recited a prayer in front of the whole school) and he can handle his emotions better (used to be emotionally-impulsive & quick-tempered).”

V.M., father of a 2 y.o. boy diagnosed with Autism Spectrum
“Neurofeedback made (my son) more calm. When NF was suspended, he became irritable & hyperactive again. Now, he can follow commands and can verbalize more words.  He has regained skills he has lost  (i.e. filling the blanks of a song & counting).  We noticed that he can identify colors and shapes and can now perform rote counting and identify body parts.  He also has a change in demeanor- he waits for his turn, participates in class, sleeping pattern is more regular. Generally, we saw FAST & SIGNIFICANT IMPROVEMENT in a span of 3 months.”
 J.F., mother of a 4 y.o. boy diagnosed with Austism Spectrum
“After 91 sessions, my son diagnosed with Autism spectrum who started out as non-verbal, now can express what he wants to drink or eat or where he wants to go. Now we can leave him alone playing by himself without worrying he will wander off and harm himself. He is less hyperactive and has a longer attention span. We only experienced these changes with neurofeedback despite his having attended occupational therapy for the past 2 years.”
 I.S., mother of a 6 y.o. boy
“(My son) has become more open to try new things.”


N.P., 52/F, Anxiety Disorder with Cognitive and Memory Impairment

After 24 sessions, memory improvements were noticed. For example, she remembered their car’s parking slot or where she left her money. Her repetitive questions (ex. “Kamusta si _____?”) usually at intervals of 5 minutes has lessened and interval has lengthened.

After completing her program, she wrote, “I was able to regain (my) confidence and decrease my worries and I feel good. Thanks to all the staff for being nice and understanding.”

Her sister also noted, “ The neurofeedback sessions made a big difference in the life of my sister because I saw the big transformation (in her). She regained her former life and changes began (to appear. “ Before she started sessions, she was gloomy, often irritable and would not even fix herself up when going out. Now she grooms herself and she would sing and laugh a lot. Her mood is lighter and more joyful.   Furthermore, “. . . she became submissive to Neurofeedback and was able to express herself. Thanks to all the staff for being so kind to us.” She willingly submitted herself to the sessions and was eager to do it. She would even be the one to remind others that she had Neurofeedback sessions to go to. She was more expressive of what she wanted to do.

“(I) have deeper and better quality of sleep.”
– C.A.
“(My) sleep is uninterrupted, I don’t wake up at 2am anymore.”
– N.C.

“(My) mood is better, (I) feel calmer and (I) enjoy myself more.  I can think and do tasks in a more organized way.  (I) can sleep straight and (my) tinnitus has decreased.”
– T.M.

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